Web Archiving Roundup: December 17, 2018

Here’s your Web Archiving Roundup for December, 2018:

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Web Archiving Roundup: November 21, 2018

Here’s your Web Archiving Roundup for November, 2018:

Webinar : An Introduction to Web Archive APIs

Jefferson Bailey, Director, Web Archiving Programs at the Internet Archive will be presenting the first webinar of 2017 for the Web Archiving Section of the Society of American Archivists.

Description: This webinar will provide a basic introduction to the many existing, and emergent, APIs specific to web archives and web archiving. Topics covered will include an overview of the role of APIs in the web archiving lifecycle, examples of APIs that exist for querying public web archives, and examples of collection and content specific APIs for use by curators and researchers. The webinar will demonstrate some basic examples for querying APIs and associated tools. Lastly, the webinar will present the work of the IMLS-funded WASAPI project (Web Archiving Systems APIs) which is developing APIs for the exchange of preservation web data and exploring models for API-based systems interoperability in web archiving.

Day:  March 8, 2017

Time:  1pmEST/12pm Central/10am PST

Where: Online via WebEx

If you are interested in attending the webinar, we ask that you RSVP via this online form so that we can plan accordingly.  We will send registered attendees a link to access the webinar in advance of March 8, 2017.

Web Archiving Roundtable professional development

May 21, 2-3pm (EDT)/11am-noon (PDT), two co-authors,  Alexis Antracoli, Records Management Archivist at Drexel University and Kristen Yarmey, Associate Professor and  Digital Services Librarian at the University of Scranton will share their experiences and engage in discussion about their web archiving projects.  The work they will be talking about is covered in “Capture All the URLs: First Steps in Web Archiving” (http://palrap.pitt.edu/ojs/index.php/palrap/article/view/67).

Kristen will discuss her and her colleagues’ first steps in web archiving at  the University of Scranton, including making the case to campus stakeholders, finding funding, choosing Archive-It as well as selecting content and seeds to capture. Alexis will talk about establishing policies and implementing QA procedures.  Both Alexis and Kristen will provide insights on stumbling blocks, lessons learned, and future plans.  Plenty of time will be allotted for questions and discussion.

The link to access the webinar (via Blackboard Collaborate) is: https://learn.dcollege.net/webapps/bb-collaborate-BBLEARN/launchSession/guest?uid=9822dd73-36fe-433f-9451-ae654c703387.  It might be necessary to install some software before getting full access to the webinar but once the required steps are taken, one will see  a phone number and access code that will allow access to the audio portion of the session.

May 22, noon-1pm (EDT)/9-10am (PDT), Martin Klein, Programmer/Analyst at UCLA Research Library, will present on an article he co-authored, “Scholarly Context Not Found: One in Five Articles Suffers from Reference Rot” (DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0115253).  This presentation was originally scheduled for May 15 but Google Hangout failed us that day so we are trying a new platform (Adobe Connect).  The link to access the webinar is: https://webconf.vc.dfn.de/e-economy

The goal for this presentation is to share the insights in this article with archivists with an interest in web archiving but who might not feel like they have enough technical background to follow some of the finer points of the paper.  We are looking forward to having the information in this paper shared widely including with people who might not get a chance to read the whole paper.  Martin’s talk will be 35-45 minutes followed by 15-20 minutes for questions.

We encourage you to sign in to these webinars about 10 minutes before they are scheduled to start to ensure all system requirements are met.

Archiving the Social Web at MARAC this Friday

If you’re attending MARAC, check out this session on Friday, April 26, 4:15-5:45 p.m.

Download the program here: http://www.marac.info/upcoming-conferences


Web 2.0 technologies are creating new opportunities for social networking. Some records created by these technologies have archival or research value requiring their preservation. However, there are many challenges associated with this process. This session will explore how some archives have made an effort to preserve Facebook, Twitter and YouTube records so they are accessible to researchers.


Bonnie Weddle, New York State Archives


Kristine Hanna, Internet Archive

Michael Martin, New York State Archives

Lynda Schmitz Fuhrig, Smithsonian Institution Archives

New England Archivists Conference: Web Archiving “Birds of a Feather” Session

I am coordinating a Web Archiving Birds of a Feather session (on behalf of Archive-It and the Internet Archive) at the New England Archivists Conference this spring.  If you plan on attending, please fill out the survey (link below).  Hope to see you there!  –Tessa

Date: March 22, 2013
Time: 2:00 – 3:00 p.m.

What do we talk about when we talk about web archiving? Find out at the Web Archiving: Birds of a Feather meeting, and network with your colleagues dealing with some of the same issues that you are!  Web archiving is a relatively new area in organization’s collecting and curatorial activities and there are sometime more questions than answers.  In this session we’ll have a brief introduction to web archiving basics, and then an open discussion on some of the use cases, challenges, lessons learned and success stories with those currently involved in web archiving projects or programs. Please bring your questions, comments, and web archiving quandaries for discussion.

We ask that interested participants complete a brief informational survey before the session so we will have a better idea of topics to cover.
Any questions please contact Tessa Fallon (tessa@archive.org)

Save the date! CrawlCamp NYC 7/17/2013

CrawlCamp NYC, a one-day CurateCAMP-style event focused on web archiving, will take place atMetropolitan New York Library Council on Wednesday July 17, 2013. This event will be an opportunity to highlight the many web archiving initiatives taking place at institutions in New York City and the surrounding region. CrawlCamp NYC will offer the chance for those working on, or interested in, web archiving projects to meet, converse, and share tools and knowledge.

The day will feature an informal mix of project presentations, brief talks and tool demos, and participant-led discussions on web archiving topics. If you are in the NYC-area, are working on a web archiving initiative, and are interested in doing a lightning talk, tool demo, or project presentation, please contact Jefferson Bailey at jbailey@metro.org.

Additional details and public registration will be available closer to the date and we plan on livestreaming and/or posting video from the proceedings. For any other questions, contact jbailey@metro.org. We hope to see you in July!

[Posted on behalf of Jefferson Bailey]

IIPC General Assembly Proposals Due 2/22/2013

 [Ed: for more information, please visit the IIPC website. Actually, you should check out their website even if you don’t want to submit a proposal.  It’s quite useful for learning more about web archiving.]
The International Internet Preservation Consortium is seeking proposals for presentations and workshops for the 2013 General Assembly.

Proposals to present (no greater than one page) should be sent to Abigail Potter (abpo@loc.gov) by February 22, 2013. This is a tight schedule so no extensions will be offered. The program will be announced March 4, 2013.