Web Archiving Roundup: February 2020

We are co-hosting a webinar with Archive-it on web archiving collection development policies and goals on February 18. Join us!

Archives Unleashed releases new features to TWUT and notebooks for working with the Archives Unleashed toolkit. Additionally, they also released a preprint of “The Archives Unleashed Project: Technology, Process, and Community to Improve Scholarly Access to Web Archives” by Nick Ruest, Jimmy Lin, Ian Milligan, and Samantha Fritz, a report of their progress over the last three years working on the project. Their findings include the ability to generate “derivative products” so users can manipulate web archives data just like any other dataset without specialized knowledge. Other Archives Unleashed news can be found in their newsletter.

IIPC announced theirsteering committee election nomination statements and featured a blog post from the Royal Library of Belgium on potentially setting up their own web archives as part of the PROMISE project.

The DIGHUMLAB announces the WARCnet Kickoff meeting from May 4-6, 2020 at Aarhus, Denmark. WARCnet is a transnational web archives studies network and this event will be the first in a number of conferences focused on the study of national and transnational web domains and events using web archives.

And here is a handy blog post by Jeff Huang on how best to create a website that is easily archivable, titled “This Page is Designed to Last.”