Web Archiving Roundup: August 2020

To start: Join us August 25 at 4:30 PM EST for the Web Archiving Section Meeting! Since March, archivists and information professionals have been focused on documenting COVID-19 and its effects on their communities. Web archiving is at the forefront of the documentation effort. The meeting will consist of a guided discussion focusing on the methods in which archivists go about creating spontaneous and event-based collections, considering all aspects of the web archiving lifecycle, from collection development to scoping to description and access efforts. We are most interested in hearing about collecting frameworks that your institution is working on, so come discuss with us! We also will do some light section business and talk about elections. Registration link here: zoom.us/meeting/register/…

On to other news:

Publications from Stanford University Press’s digital initiative now have nearly complete web-archive versions thanks to a 2020 partnership with Webrecorder. The blog post goes into detail on technical specs, specifically ReplayWeb.page and WACZ. Webrecorder also launched a forum for discussions and announcements about the software.

Rhizome’s Conifer introduces Periphery, a tool for collection owners to define how missing resources are expressed during the replay of archived content.

The “Archiving the Black Web” project was started at the African-American Research Library and Cultural Center in Fort Lauderdale.

The Joint Conference on Digital Libraries took place August 1-5 and all of  their papers are now available online. Talks related to web archiving include, Making Recommendations from Web Archives for, The Archives Unleashed Project: Technology, Process, and Community to Improve Scholarly Access to Web Archives, Identifying Documents In-Scope of a Collection from Web Archives, and  The Case For Alternative Web Archival Formats To Expedite The Data-To-Insight Cycle.

From IIPC: A descriptionof the new Robustify link service from Memento and an overview of the Danish coronavirus web collection.

Archives Unleashed was also busy! They released their 2017-2020 community report and announced their partnership with Archive-it to collaborate and integrate services to provide easy to use scalable tools to researchers using web archives.

See ya on Tuesday!