Web Archiving Roundup: January, 2019

Here is your first Web Archiving Roundup of 2019!


Web Archiving Roundup: December 17, 2018

Here’s your Web Archiving Roundup for December, 2018:

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Web Archiving Roundup: November 21, 2018

Here’s your Web Archiving Roundup for November, 2018:

Roundtable meeting agenda for SAA 2015

Web Archiving Roundtable meeting agenda

3-4:30 PM

Room 26C (Cleveland Convention Center, 300 Lakeside Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44114)


Business meeting (3-3:25)

3-3:05        Opening remarks/welcome

3:05-3:10    2014-2015 recap

3:10-3:15        Webinars

3:15-3:20        Web Archiving Link Roundup

3:20-3:25    2015-2016 Look ahead

      • Introduction of new Steering Committee Members
      • Call for participants, Best Practices Toolbox committee
      • Call for nominations for Secretary


Speakers (3:30-4:30)

3:25-3:45    Rosalie Lack will speak about transitions from CDL’s Web Archiving Service

(WAS) to Archive-It

3:45-4:10    Karl-Rainer Blumenthal will present on quality assurance for web archives

4:10-4:25    Nicholas Taylor will facilitate further discussion on quality assurance

4:25-4:30    Thank yous/Wrap-up

Roundtable survey results

Here’s a link to Web Archiving Roundtable survey results presented by John Bence and Anna Perricci of the SAA Web Archiving Roundtable at SAA 2014.

John and Anna designed and administered a survey to assess the needs and preferences of community members who would like to learn more about web archives. This presentation gives more information about the findings of the survey and the path forward to meet the needs described by those who responded.

Call for nominations! Roundtable leadership positions

As outlined in the by-laws (pasted below), we are soliciting nominations (including self-nominations) for leadership positions in the Web Archiving Roundtable.  Please submit a candidate statement to Tessa (tessa@archive.org) and Trevor (trevor_alvord@byu.edu) by August 12, 2013.  Contact me with any questions.



Chair: (1 individual)

●      Provides leadership for

o   Elections

o   Reporting

o   Governance

o   Meetings

●      Serves as liaison to SAA and other bodies.

●      Coordinates session proposals for annual meeting.

●      Serves as the head of the Steering Committee.

●      Fulfills all responsibilities specified in Section X: Roundtables of the SAA Governance Manual.

Vice Chair: (1 individual)

●      Gives support to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the Chair as assigned.

●      Operates as acting Chair in the absence of the Chair.

●      Serves as member of the Steering Committee.

●      Fulfills all responsibilities specified in Section X: Roundtables of the SAA Governance Manual.

Web Liaison: (1 individual)

●      Maintains and updates roundtable website, for both SAA and external sites.

●      Serves as member of the Steering Committee.

Education Coordinator: (1 individual)

●      Serves as the roundtable’s liaison to SAA Education Committee.

●      Arranges informal online meet-ups for members.

●      Prepares educational experiences, such as guest speakers, etc.

●      Serves as member of the Steering Committee.

Social Media Managers: (1-2 individual[s])

●      Coordinates and updates social media feeds utilized by the roundtable.

 Appointed positions of leadership are as follows:

Best Practices/Toolbox Committee: (3-6 individuals)

●      Creates/updates standards and promotes strategies to enhance the quality of web archiving.

●      Shares links and resources with members, providing up-to-date information regarding developments in web archiving.

The Chair will serve for a term of one year to begin immediately following the annual Society of American Archivists’ Meeting.  The Vice Chair will serve for two years, in the first year as Chair elect and in the second year as Chair.  All other positions appointed or elected shall be required to commit to a term of no more than one year.

Archiving the Social Web at MARAC this Friday

If you’re attending MARAC, check out this session on Friday, April 26, 4:15-5:45 p.m.

Download the program here: http://www.marac.info/upcoming-conferences


Web 2.0 technologies are creating new opportunities for social networking. Some records created by these technologies have archival or research value requiring their preservation. However, there are many challenges associated with this process. This session will explore how some archives have made an effort to preserve Facebook, Twitter and YouTube records so they are accessible to researchers.


Bonnie Weddle, New York State Archives


Kristine Hanna, Internet Archive

Michael Martin, New York State Archives

Lynda Schmitz Fuhrig, Smithsonian Institution Archives

Web Archiving Birds of a Feather at Midwest Archives Conference

Birds of a feather will be flocking together once again! Lori Donovan (Internet Archive) and I will be at the Midwest Archives Conference on April 19th, 2013  to lead the Internet Archive’s second Web Archiving Birds of a Feather session.  We are asking participants to complete a brief survey prior to the session in order to give us an idea of participants’ interests and web archiving experience.  The survey can be found here.  Please contact me at tessa@archive.org if you have any questions.  Hope to see you there!

Midwest Archives Conference (program)
April 19th, 2013
12:15 – 1:15 p.m.

What do we talk about when we talk about web archiving? Find out at the Web Archiving: Birds of a Feather meeting, and network with your colleagues dealing with some of the same issues that you are!  Web archiving is a relatively new area in organization’s collecting and curatorial activities and there are sometime more questions than answers.  In this session we’ll have a brief introduction to web archiving basics, and then an open discussion on some of the use cases, challenges, lessons learned and success stories with those currently involved in web archiving projects or programs. Please bring your questions, comments, and web archiving quandaries for discussion.