Web Archiving Roundup: December 2019

Deadline for IIPC General Assembly and Web Archiving Conference has been extended until tomorrow! Propose today!

Web Archaeology,” a special issue of TMG-Journal for Media History focuses web history and the practices of web archiving. Topics include social media and platform historiography (video on the subject), history of YouTube and informal archival practices, and Dutch articles on blogs, sustainable long-term preservation, and the history of the Netherland’s first online digital literary journal.

Archives Unleashed released twut, a library for Apache Spark that extracts tweet ids (dehydration), user information, tweet text, and tweet times.

Issue 3-4, Volume 3 of Internet Histories was published. Articles mostly focus on computational methods for analyzing internet history, the history of the dark web, internet routing, encrypted messaging, and retrospective web archiving.

LC Labs at the Library of Congress provides an update on the Computing Cultural Heritage in the Cloud Project, a pilot project to combine new technologies and the digital collections at the Library of Congress to support digital research at scale. For more information on the project, listen in to their first call on December 13, 1-2 PM EST.

The Internet Archive blog provides an update on the News Measures Research Project, a project to examine the health of local community news by analyzing the amount and type of local news coverage in a sample of community.

The UK Web Archive blog has two posts up about the Olympic Games and Militarism using the web archives as a resource.

Webrecorder used their tool Autopilot to obtain a representative sample of Yahoo Groups, which will be no longer hosted by Yahoo after December 14.

Archive-it summarizes their first Global Partners Meeting at iPRES. The blog post also talks about their talks at the Time Machine 2019 conference in Dresden, Germany and the FORCE11 2019 conference in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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