Weekly web archiving roundup: June 4, 2015

Weekly web archiving roundup for the week of June 4, 2015:

  • School Board Meetings to Go Live“, by Rita Robinson. The Laguna Beach Unified School District board voted 3-1 Tuesday to stream public meetings online. The board approved $50,000 for equipment and technology for live-stream-webcasting and archiving school board meetings on the district’s website.
  • Are You Doing Enough to Prevent Link Rot?“, by Ernie Smith. Organizations and universities alike have been banding together to prevent important-yet-dated documents from disappearing entirely online.
  • How Broken Hyperlinks Are Screwing Up Science“, by Chris Mills. For most of us, a hyperlink 404ing is a problem fixable with a quick visit to the Wayback Machine (or maybe just taking a walk away from the computer and reflecting on the importance of cat GIFs). But for academics, broken links present a more serious issue.



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