Weekly web archiving roundup: January 22, 2014

Here’s the weekly web archiving roundup for January 22, 2014!  These news items will be posted each Wednesday, and will be pertinent to anyone with an interest in web archiving, whether it’s something you do every day or just something you find intriguing.

  • “So who owns the Internet?” by Christina Pazzanese, Harvard Gazette: “A clash over who should decide which information flows through Internet networks — and at what price — is now before a Washington, D.C., federal appeals court in a landmark case that could grant Internet service providers (ISPs) the unfettered power to turn the information superhighway into a private toll road.”: http://news.harvard.edu/gazette/story/2014/01/so-who-owns-the-internet/



ArchiveTeam Warrior

Check it out because 1) it’s pretty cool and 2) you can use it to help ArchiveTeam archiving efforts, currently including the archiving of Yahoo! Messages.


“The ArchiveTeam Warrior is a virtual archiving appliance. You can run it to help with the ArchiveTeam archiving efforts. It will download sites and upload them to our archive — and it’s really easy to do!

The warrior is a virtual machine, so there is no risk to your computer. The warrior will only use your bandwidth and some of your disk space.

The warrior runs on Windows, OS X and Linux. You’ll need VirtualBox (recommended), VMware or a similar program to run the virtual machine.”

Weekend Web Archiving Fun: Web Archiving Integration Layer (WAIL)

Check out this new tool from Mat Kelly!

Web Archiving Integration Layer (WAIL) is a graphical user interface (GUI) atop multiple web archiving tools intended to be used as an easy way for anyone to preserve and replay web pages.

Tools included and accessible through the GUI are Heritrix 3.1.0Wayback 1.6, and warc-proxy. Support packages include Apache Tomcatphantomjs and pyinstaller.

WAIL is written mostly in Python and a small amount of JavaScript.”