Weekly web archiving roundup: November 14, 2015

Weekly web archiving roundup for November 14, 2015:

  • Plan Your Digital Legacy, and Update Often: “As more wealth moves into the cloud, good luck tracking this stuff.”
  • How the Internet Archive maintains an information super highway: An interview with the director of media and access at Internet Archive, Alexis Rossi, and Vicky Brasseur, a volunteer maintaining the Internet Archive S3 API documentation.
  • New DAS Web Archiving Webinar Begins Streaming November 16: This course introduces the core concepts of web archiving and provides a firm foundation for further expansion of skill sets.
  • WAS to Archive-It Migration Update: The Web Archiving Service (WAS) migration to Internet Archive’s Archive-It Service reached two major milestones last week.
  • Thoughts from Partner staff about web archiving: An overview of a recent OCLC Research Library Partnership survey investigating the needs of the web archiving community.
  • Post Firewall–“Mining the Internet Graveyard: Rethinking the Historians’ Toolkit”: Newly open access article argues that the advent of a massive quantity of born-digital historical sources necessitates a rethinking of the historians’ toolkit.

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