Weekly web archiving roundup: October 31, 2015

Here’s the weekly web archiving roundup for October 31, 2015. Happy Halloween!

  • This 11-year-old is selling cryptographically secure passwords for $2 each: Girl makes Diceware passwords, rolled with real dice, written by hand, sent by mail.
  • Harvard Law School Launches “Free the Law” Project with Ravel Law To Digitize US Case Law, Provide Free Access: Harvard librarians are creating a complete, searchable database of American case law that will be offered free on the Internet.
  • Thursday 29 October was #NationalCatDay so the UK Web Archive took the opportunity to answer the BIG question that everyone is asking…Who is best: Cats or Dogs?
  • Laura and John Arnold Foundation Announces $1.9 Million Grant to Develop Internet Archive Search Engine: The search engine will allow researchers, historians, and others to retrieve data and information from the billions of webpages and websites stored in the Wayback Machine.
  • A couple of weeks ago we posted the link to Adrienne LaFrance’s article in The Atlantic about web ephemerality. The author followed up with a Digg conversation.
  • ESPN Shutters Sports And Culture Site Grantland: Known for its talented writers and in-depth reporting, Grantland was suddenly shut down early Friday afternoon.

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