Weekly web archiving roundup: October 24, 2015

Here’s the weekly web archiving roundup for October 24, 2015:

  • IMLS and NSF fund web archive research for WS-DL: How these awards support a vision of the future of web archiving.
  • IMLS National Digital Platform Grant Awarded to Advance Web Archiving: This grant will support the project “Systems Interoperability and Collaborative Development for Web Archiving.”
  • Harvard Launches User Research Center: “Evidence-based decision-making is driving change at Harvard.”
  • Top 10 Data Research Tools for Investigative Journalists: What are the bare essentials for an investigative journalist?
  • Orphan Works “Reform”: The Copyright Office’s proposal for orphan works doesn’t fix it, it just makes it different.
  • (The Copyright Office has also released its 2016-2020 Strategic Plan for public comment.)

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