Weekly web archiving roundup: October 23, 2014

Weekly web archiving roundup for the week of October 23, 2014:

  • What is Still on the Web after 10-Years of Archiving?“, from Andy Jackson, UK Web Archive Blog. The UK Web Archive started archiving web content towards the end of 2004. They took a look back at the (almost) ten years that have passed since then to see how much they’ve achieved… Are the URLs archived still available on the live web? Or are they long since gone? If those URLs are still working, is the content the same as it was?
  • The Internet Archive’s Map of Book Subjects“, from Mario Klingemann.  This map offers an alternative way to browse the 2,619,833 images contained in the Internet Archive’s book collection. It shows 5500 different subjects which have been algorithmically arranged by their thematic relationships.

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