Weds, 8/13, 3:30.

Welcome and Remarks from Chair Tessa Fallon and Vice Chair Trevor Alvord

Web Archiving Survey Results, John Bence and Anna Perricci

2013 NDSA Web Archiving Survey Highlights, Nicholas Taylor

Jason Scott, Internet Archive, Archive Team
Jason Scott is the proprietor of http://TEXTFILES.COM , historian, filmmaker, archivist, famous cat maintenance staff. He works on/for/over the Internet Archive.

Jimmy Lin, UMD, “Infrastructure for Supporting Exploration and Discovery in Web Archives”

Jimmy Lin is an Associate Professor in the College of Information
Studies (The iSchool) at the University of Maryland, with a joint
appointment in the Institute for Advanced Computer Studies (UMIACS)
and an affiliate appointment in the Department of Computer Science. He
graduated with a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
from MIT in 2004. Lin’s research lies at the intersection of
information retrieval and natural language processing; his current
work focuses on large-scale distributed algorithms and infrastructure
for data analytics. From 2010-2012, Lin spent an extended sabbatical
at Twitter, where he worked on services designed to surface relevant
content to users and analytics infrastructure to support data
science. He continues to engage with Twitter on various aspects of big
data and data science.

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