Meet the Web Archiving Roundtable candidates for 2014-2015!

Vice Chair/Chair Elect (select one)

Michael Paulmeno: Vice Chair/Chair Elect

Bio: Michael Paulmeno is currently an Electronic Services Librarian at Delta State University where he is responsible for computer maintenance, web development, Integrated Library System maintenance, and managing library electronic resources.  Originally from the New York City area, he graduated from the University at Albany, SUNY with a Master’s of Science in Information Science in August of 2012 and a Master’s of Arts in History in December 2012.  Prior to attending graduate school, Michael earned a Bachelor’s Degree in History from the University at Buffalo, SUNY in 2008.  His professional activity includes serving as a member of the Best Practices/Toolbox Committee and as Vice Chair of the Mississippi Sirsi Users Group.  Michael has been an active member in SAA since 2010 and presently resides in Cleveland, Mississippi.

Statement: As a Systems Librarian part of my job involves the creation of web content for both the Roberts-LaForge Library and the University Archives, management of electronic resources, and the Online Public Access Catalog.  Over the past year, I’ve worked to upgrade the systems used by the Roberts-LaForge Library with an eye towards streamlining workflows and future proofing the organization.  Thus my perspective is one informed not only by archival training, but by current trends in web development and information technology.  Presently I am completing a term as a member of the Best Practices/Toolbox Committee.  Serving the Web Archiving Roundtable has been a very rewarding experience and has inspired me to strive for a leadership position within this brand new organization.

Kate Stratton: Vice Chair/Chair Elect

Bio: Kate Stratton is Assistant Archivist at the Gates Archive where she has multi-functional responsibilities, particularly in the acquisition, accession, and description of incoming born-digital, digitized, and analog materials. Kate also manages the Archive’s web archiving program and tools. Prior to joining the Gates Archive, Kate was Research Library Fellow at Emory University in the Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Library and the Legacy Finding Aids Research Assistant at the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She received her Master’s of Science in Library Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She has previously served on the Steering Committee and Education Sub-committee of the Records Management Roundtable.

Statement: The web continues to assert and expand its prominence in the lives and business of records creators and is increasing by volume its share in the historical record. Web archiving, however, remains a growth area, both in terms of skills and technological readiness, for many institutions. As a result, I think the Web Archiving Roundtable has a vital role to play for the larger Society of American Archivists membership. I want to participate in the Roundtable’s leadership to connect Society of American Archivist members to the knowledge, tools, and innovative practices that exist (or can be built) within our community. Through active knowledge sharing and community engagement, I believe the Web Archiving Roundtable can help the profession step confidently into the emerging, but fundamental, archival work of the enduring web.

Web Liaison (select one)

Benn Joseph: Web Liaison

Bio: Benn Joseph joined Northwestern University in 2009 as a Manuscript Librarian, and splits his time between the Northwestern University Archives and the Charles Deering McCormick Library of Special Collections where he manages both paper-based and digital collections. He is also responsible for developing digital archives workflows for the library, and manages the university’s web archiving initiative. Prior to Northwestern he worked at the Chicago History Museum processing manuscript and photographic collections, and at Benedictine University as the Special Collections Librarian. Benn received his MSLS degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2006, and is a member of the 2013 Archives Leadership Institute cohort.

Statement: I am just now completing my first year as Web Liaison for the Web Archiving Roundtable.  Starting from scratch with a new Roundtable has been an educational experience, one that I would like to continue.

Education Coordinator (select one)

Jinfang Niu: Education Coordinator

Bio: Jinfang Niu is an assistant professor at the School of Information, University of South Florida. She received her Ph.D. from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Prior to that, she worked as a librarian at the Tsinghua University Library for three years. Her current research focuses on information organization, digital curation and archives management.

Statement: Jinfang Niu believes she is qualified for the Education Coordinator position of Web Archiving Roundtable. She teaches a web archiving course and has published two papers on web archiving. She has practical experiences conducting web archiving using the Archive-it service provided by Internet Archive. She also has experience serving the SAA community. In the past two years, she has been a steering committee member of the SAA Archival Educators Roundtable and a member of the Student Program Subcommittee. For more information about her, please visit her website:

Anna Perricci: Education Coordinator

Bio: While completing my MSI in Archives and Records Management at the University of Michigan with a focus on digital preservation, I also earned a graduate teaching certificate.  At the New York Public Library, I served as a preservation librarian and then was responsible for education, outreach and statistical analysis at ARTstor.  On a volunteer basis I have helped artists and activists in New York City preserve their work in multiple venues including in conjunction with FIGMENT (a participatory art festival) and the Archives Working Group of Occupy Wall Street.  In May 2013, I started as a Web Archiving Project Librarian at Columbia University.  A main goal of my role is to foster collaboration and improvements in web archiving.  I work with colleagues to form new collection development models, address technical challenges and implement strategies for the stewardship of web archives.  We are building strong networks of professionals with an interest in web archiving to extend current web archiving models and methods.

Statement: Please re-elect me as the Education Coordinator for the Web Arching Roundtable.  I would like to move forward with the work I have done with other members of the Web Archiving Roundtable steering committee over the past year, especially our needs assessment survey designed to identify interests in web archiving and associated training opportunities.  As we analyze the survey results we will form educational opportunities that address needs expressed by SAA members.  Additionally, I am dedicated to furthering our work to build robust web archiving collaborations within and beyond SAA, as well as engaging a wide variety of stakeholders in web archiving activities.

Social Media Manager (select two)

John Bence: Social Media Manager

Bio: John Bence is the University Archivist in the Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Library at Emory University. John leads the Emory University Archives efforts in acquiring, arranging, describing, and providing access to University records and special collections in all formats, as well as coordinating the development of records management programs at Emory.

Statement: Over the past year, I have been working on increasing the WebArchRT’s presence on Twitter, to solicit and resources web content from other Steering and ToolBox Committee members to share online, and to keep abreast of news and developments in the field being shared and discussed on Twitter. I hope to continue in this role for another year to improve upon what has already been achieved.

Rachel Taketa: Social Media Manager

Bio: Rachel Taketa is the Library Specialist for the Industry Documents Digital Libraries at UC San Francisco’s Library and Center for Knowledge Management. She earned her BA from California State University, East Bay and her MLIS from San Jose State University.  In her capacity as Library Specialist, Rachel processes digital assets for the Legacy Tobacco Documents Library (LTDL) and the Drug Industry Documents Archive (DIDA), internationally utilized archives of tobacco and pharmaceutical industry documents. In addition, she co-teaches workshops and webinars, provides reference interviews, and manages the archives’ websites and social presence in the form of blogs, listservs and twitter accounts.  In 2009, Rachel initiated the Industry Documents Digital Libraries’ Web Archives which have produced the California Tobacco Control Web Archives and the newly planned E-Cigarette Web Archive for use by researchers investigating the tobacco industry’s strategies and tactics surrounding the marketing of new nicotine products.

Statement: The Web Archiving Roundtable is a rich resource of knowledge and experience for SAA members embarking upon projects to capture, preserve and provide access to web resources.  To facilitate the important work of this group, I am seeking election as one of the Social Media Managers to ensure that Round Table members receive timely and pertinent information, thereby enhancing the value of our expertise to SAA colleagues. I am relatively new to SAA and would appreciate the opportunity to jump in and participate in the workings of this organization and in particular, the Web Archiving Round Table.  I find so much value in a group of peers sharing their experience and perspective on new processes, such as web archiving, and I would be honored to be of service to you in the role of Social Media Manager.

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