Web Archiving Roundtable: call for nominations

The Web Archiving Roundtable is accepting nominations for the positions of Vice Chair, Web Liaison, Education Coordinator, and Social Media Manager (1-2 positions to be filled). More information about these positions can be found on our website: http://www2.archivists.org/groups/web-archiving-roundtable/web-archiving-roundtable-bylaws

Interested parties should forward a brief candidate statement and bio to Tessa Fallon (Chair) at tessa.fallon@gmail.com and Trevor Alvord (Vice Chair, Chair Elect) at trevor_alvord@byu.edu by June 14, 2014 5:00 p.m. EST.

Elections will be held online in cooperation with SAA.

Please contact Tessa with any questions or concerns.

Position descriptions are as follows:

Vice Chair: (1 individual)
● Gives support to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the Chair as assigned.
● Operates as acting Chair in the absence of the Chair.
● Serves as member of the Steering Committee.
● Fulfills all responsibilities specified in Section X: Roundtables of the SAA Governance

Web Liaison: (1 individual)
● Maintains and updates roundtable website, for both SAA and external sites.
● Serves as member of the Steering Committee.

Education Coordinator: (1 individual)
● Serves as the roundtable’s liaison to SAA Education Committee.
● Arranges informal online meet-ups for members.
● Prepares educational experiences, such as guest speakers, etc.
● Serves as member of the Steering Committee.

Social Media Managers: (1-2 individual[s])
● Coordinates and updates social media feeds utilized by the roundtable.

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