Weekly web archiving roundup: January 15, 2014

It’s once again time for the weekly web archiving roundup!  What follows is a selection of relevant news items compiled by the Web Archiving Roundtable steering committee and Best Practices/Toolbox committee members.  These news items will be posted each Wednesday, and will be pertinent to anyone with an interest in web archiving, whether it’s something you do every day or just something you find intriguing.

EDIT: to keep up with our prolific Best Practices/Toolbox Committee members, here’s an addition to this week’s roundup:

  • Digital Conversations: The Scholarly Use of Web Archives, Moderated by David Gauntlett.  This is a recording of a conversation that discussed many topics including: how we capture the changeability of websites, what tools and skills do we need to use web archives in research, whether we need an international project for web archiving and whether the term web archive is holding back archiving of the web. It was recorded at the British Library on 26 September 2013. http://www.bl.uk/whatson/podcasts/podcast154924.html

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